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We Now Service BMW

To compliment our AUDI , VW & SKODA services, we have recently increased our scope to encompass the BMW brand into our operations due to high customer demand. With a staff roster that has extensive experience with the Bavarian Motoring giant we will continue to provide an outstanding service experience.

A Breif Hostory on BMW

Formed in 1916 under the name Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke, but then swiftly adopting the name Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works), BMW began as a highly acclaimed producer of aircraft engines.

It was in 1928 that the firm began to manufacture cars, with its first model being the Astin Seven. In 1929, BMW made headlines when Ernst Henne reached a top speed of 134.56mph on its 750cc motorbike.

The ’30s saw the introduction of BMW’s 303 saloon, which boasted the first BMW six-cylinder engine, as well as the legendary BMW 328 which launched in 1936, revolutionising the 2.0-litre sports car. Throughout the decade the brand grew to extend not only its range of production vehicles, but also its series of motor sporting wins.

After a five-year production hiatus and the destruction of the Munich plant in a 1944 air-raid, BMW started anew to build upon its previous success. On top of the technological advancements seen in its post-war vehicles, including the 502 V8 and the 507, BMW models continued to take motor racing competitors, like Austrian Ernst Hiller, to success on a global scale.

In 1962 the all-new BMW 1500 repositioned BMW as a manufacturer of the best quality sport saloons. The decade charted a number of successes for the company with the production of the 1500 and 1600 series, a range of new sedans and the 2.5CS and 2800 CS coupé models. Continued racing success came in the form of Dieter Quester, with big wins in the Formula Two series. In 1973, BMW won the European Touring Car Championship and European Championship for F2 cars.

New plants opened throughout the ’70s, bringing ever larger-scale production, with the brand creating one of the pioneering turbo engines used in mass-production. BMW soon entered F1 racing, winning the 1983 Formula One World Championship.

A partnership with Rolls-Royce founded in the mid-1990s allowed BMW to continue its research and development of aircraft engines, as well as working on gas turbines. BMW Rolls-Royce GmbH (BRR) employed 1,000 staff to undertake these tasks and a new generation of engines for short-haul aircraft was explored. In 1994, BMW acquired the Rover Group and later launched the MINI series.

The firm celebrated the 75th anniversary of the BMW badge, the 80th anniversary of the BMW sport motorcycle and the 50th anniversary of the light-alloy V8 engine in 2004.

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